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Lead Extraction

Manufacturer: Cook Medical.

Cook Medical is a company that is focused on the needs of physicians by providing simple answers and effective solutions of complex problems regarding the extraction of cardiac probes. Baltikameda company is coming with help for doctors by providing with these goods.


  • Evolution® RLControlled-Rotation Dilator Sheath Set aids in the removal of lumenless cardiac leads or those that contain cable conductor wires.
  • SteadySheath®The SteadySheath has a textured, stainless-steel distal tip that engages the binding adhesions that anchor targeted cardiac leads in place. By stabilizing these adhesions, this specialized outer sheath helps to minimize vessel movement when the powered inner sheath is
    activated. The unique surface on the tip can also help to disrupt the binding adhesions that are associated with chronically implanted cardiac leads.
  • Byrd Dilator Sheath SetsDilates tissues that surround pacemaker and defibrillator leads and
    indwelling catheters.

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